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Stephanie Harvard loves connecting with big thinkers and communicating the latest in medicine, science, philosophy, and technology.

She also loves working with her voice, bringing complex topics to life. For academic clients and other specialists seeking a thoughtful collaborator to be a voice for their project, Stephanie is always a reliable choice.

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Adaptive and responsive, Stephanie is widely sought for her engaging, professional rhythm and “approachable expert” character. Whether you’re looking for a tone that’s Conversational, Intimate, Hard-hitting, or elsewhere on the creative spectrum, Stephanie will deliver a read that fits your needs.

Vocal Tone

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Stephanie’s vocal tone is known for being Smooth, Articulate, and Distinguished, with a quality that’s Authoritative, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy. Her portfolio showcases a natural sound for educational videos in medicine, health economics, computer simulation modelling, and other specialties.


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With a doctoral degree in the health sciences and an interdisciplinary career, Stephanie is skilled at conveying complex information from a variety of fields. Education-focused, she is sensitive to institutional norms and shares the values of accuracy, credibility, and knowledge translation.


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“Stephanie's voicework has a rare quality of being both reassuringly expert and relatable in the same breath. With her academic background, she tackles technical terminology with an intuitive flow giving complex topics an approachable feel.”

Jeff Petry

Director, Salazar Film


Stephanie is available to produce raw and edited sound files remotely, as well as to work on location in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to voiceover, Stephanie offers creative consulting services, including script development, writing, and editing for public-facing projects.

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